Homeland Insecurity


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    This is the special Bandcamp edition of the album, "Homeland Insecurity," by Beijing-based geopolitical punk pranksters BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM. In addition to studio tracks there are 7 bonus live tracks recorded at various shows. Also included in this special edition is a high definition music video the song, "Homeland Insecurity," as well as photos and other images for the band and Dr. Smartass Records.

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What you have in your possession is a collection of four years of blood, sweat equity and hard work. BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM had its humble beginnings in the unremarkable wasteland of Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The lone punk band in a city of about 10 million people. We initially started as a two-man and then eventually three piece, three chord bluster of noise born from the detritus of a band named “DaFeiJi,” or, “DFJ”: a Chinese euphemism for jerking off; after that went tits-up at the end of 2011. By the end of 2013 Darryl hit the bricks for the bright lights and big smog of Beijing, taking the songs he wrote and reforming the band there, where, as of the time of this album release, the band continues to perform with regularity. We are not a band that is big on bullshit. We're not into the punk rock uniform. None of us sport Dr. Martens nor patches. We don't spend inordinate amounts of time on our hair and we genuinely don't give a fuck if you like us. We work hard doing the best we can and we live as ethically true to our roots as possible (and often to our detriment). We endeavor to treat others as well as they treat us, but with this being Beijing we often end up giving more than we receive. We're not here to kiss ass and placate you with social circle jerking to make you feel better. We are not here to spin yarns about how wonderful everything is. It isn't. Honesty is what we prescribe to. If you do like us, well, it is our honor to entertain you. If in some small way any of our live performances, music videos or recordings inspire you to think and maybe get off your ass, then that too is an honor.

“Homeland Insecurity” was recorded at Psychic Kong Studios in Beijing and engineered by Yang Haisong. We would like to thank him for his time, patience and guidance at every step of the process. We'd like to encourage you to support his bands PK14 and Dear Eloise. They're awesome.

“Homeland Insecurity” was mixed and edited by Teemu Kiiskila at Nekala Propaganda Center, Tempare, Finland. We'd like to thank him for his time, patience and support. Teemu is a generous, awesome guy and one hell of a musician too. We'd like to encourage you to support his bands UTU and DARK BOTTLE. They too are awesome.

BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM's logo and the cover illustration for “Homeland Insecurity” are the work of Philadelphia-based graphic designer and comic artist Scott Tauser. He's never been to China but he's a big booster of Chinese punk, not only of BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM, but SUCKER and others. We'd like to thank him for all of his support and for his groovy art.

The band photo for “Homeland Insecurity” was snapped by our friend Hanshoo. He's a world-weary Finnish nomad traveling the globe and a stellar photographer. Thank you for your support, amigo.

Additional photos used in “Homeland Insecurity” were snapped by our good friends Stech and BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM veteran (Bass: the Zhengzhou years) Michael “Hamiltron” Hamilton. Both men have been BASTARDS boosters for a long time and their generosity and support are deeply appreciated. You can keep up with Stech's work through his free online magazine, “Precis.” Hamiltron left China in the summer of 2016 and is currently protecting the world from Skynet. We miss you guys. Beijing's a shittier place without you.

BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM have managed to accrue a large army of former members. We remain an extended family, of sorts (with a few exceptions). We honor our army of former members:

Leonardo: 2012 - 2013
Hamiltron: 2013
Yan Chong: 2014 – 2015
“Double K” Kevin Kasal: 2014 – 2015
“Double L” Longlong: 2014 - 2015
Peter “Pedro” Pachak-Robie: 2014 – 2015
Difficult Alex Lanson: 2015 – 2016
Paul: 2015
Wang Lei: 2015
Na Qin: 2015-2016

and honorary BASTARDS
Dann Gaymer and Woolly Wilson for helping us out in an hour of need.

Thank you all for your time and your contributions.

We'd also like to take the time to thank the following bands, venues and individuals for their support and friendship over the past four years. This list is in random order, but we are grateful to all of them with equal respect:

Liu Hao, Felix Liu Fei and SCHOOL BAR
Antoine and HOT CAT CLUB
Badr Benjelloun and CARAVAN
OLD WHAT? (R. I. P.)
Spike Li and the DIRTY MONSTER CLUB (R. I. P.)
S. O. S. Promotions
Vincent and THE VIRGINS Promotions
MAO Livehouse Beijing (the original)
SUGAR Livehouse (R. I. P.)
XP (R. I. P.)
SNAKE Livehouse (R. I. P.)
Snakepit Studios
Pilot Music Edu.
Goza Studios
Dongzhimen Studios
Wang Xuan (Bedstars)
Lei & 3ROCK
Wen Jay & CRAZY NIGHT Promotions
Modern Sky Now
Xu Chen
Onoching (The Jet Boys)
Wu Wei, Wuhan Prison and SMZB
Dann Gaymer and Nan (GUIGUISUISUI)
Tommy (Rhonda)
Tim (Joking Tasty)
Wang Zilu, Dinosaur and Jimbo Zhou (The Diders)
Clarence Luo Pan (The Flyx)
Hei Shi and his awesome photography
Cherry Yan
our brothers in END OF THE WORLD
our brothers Yan Chong, Qian Han and Zhou Yixuan (Shochu Legion)
Dee Gumbleed
Chudao De Lieren
our little brothers from other mothers, PUMPKINS
Dan Lenk & Tim Zhang (The Death Narcissist)
Matt and Cedric (Scare The Children)
COLD NEO Promotions
Shaun & Mark (Cut Frenzy)
Ouren (Chinese Modern Guys)
Big Iron
Nico (Nakoma)
Machine Gun Mike
Don Juan
Woolly & Liz
69 and DDC
Will Griffith and Live Beijing Music
our good friends BACKFIRE
Mariya Panchenko
Mike Hansen
Xu Xiaodong and everyone at SUB-ARK Livehouse
7 Livehouse, Zhengzhou
Bye Bye Disco, Yanqiao
Marco & Maurizio Carrer
Janet & Monica
Uncle Pete Letkiewicz
Henry Rollins
Joshua Ribakove
Christopher Boos
Donna White
Paul McVay and DIOTD
David Fullam
Colin Quain
Stephen Monahan
Sandra and Carla
Kyle Mullin & The Beijinger
Xiao Ao & Piggu (The Last Choice)
Kipp Whitaker
Kat Tosi
Bo Xuan (Nova Heart)
Li Ran
David Nestor
Yao Rui
Bill Bartell (R. I. P.)
Riz and Unite Asia
Time Out Beijing
Ma Yao
Tang (Car Car Cars)
Wu Di, Tony and Johnny (Rolling Bowling)
Lei Jun (R. I. P.)
Jonathan Alpart
Lance Crayon
our families and friends
and thank YOU, for your support.

(C) & (P) 2016 Dr. Smartass Records
All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws


released October 24, 2016

Darryl Pestilence - vocals
Jukka Ahonen - guitar, backing vocals
Wen Yi - bass
Hua Zi - drums, backing vocals ("Fuck All Night")

All studio tracks were engineered and recorded by Yang Haisong at Psychic Kong Studios, Beijing, Punk Republic of China

All studio tracks were mixed and edited by Teemu Kiiskila at Nekala Propaganda Center in Tempere, Finland.

(C) & (P) 2016 Dr. Smartass Records
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Bastards of Imperialism Beijing, China

BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM (帝国主义混蛋乐队) (established 2012) are punk pranksters who mix social and geopolitical satire with crazy stage antics and caustic wit in the tradition of old school punk bands like THE WEIRDOS, D. O. A., THE DICKS, & DEAD KENNEDYS.

Selected by Time Out Beijing as one of "Five Bands To Look Out For" in October 2014.

They remain a fixture in the Beijing punk scene.
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Track Name: Homeland Insecurity (single)
"We are in troubled times again
Every side has their boogey men
Death-tripping jihadist cunts
Bible-thumping gun-fellating schmucks
Wall Street stock market technicians
Fascist moneyed politicians
They're terrorists out to get us
But who the fuck can we trust?

Paramilitary policemen
T. S. A. searched my shit again
Security theater ballyhoo
The N. S. A. monitors what we do
You point the finger overseas
Ignoring wolves among the sheep
A free pass for the N. R. A.
Star-spangled death parade

The whole fucking nation has gone insane
Easily distracted by ill-gotten gains
Tyranny from the right, middle and left

In an age where common sense is bereft
What can we do ourselves to protect
Humanity from its own insecurity
In this era of stupidity?"